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I’m an economist by education and used to work as a Head of Human Resources Office for 20 years. I’ve been craving my whole life with herbal medicine, with herbs. I have this legacy from my 90-year-old father, from whom I have learned that the harmony between a well-balanced natural diet consisting of fruit and vegetables, movement and outdoor sports, peace of mind that balances all organs, prolongs life. Apicultural products if we know how to use them, are the elixir of health and youth. From him I learned everything I know about beekeeping products and the plants in Romania, the benefits of tea and the diversity of plants. I learned from Germanic medicine, I studied everything I got in hand on natural medicine and herbs. Now I work in a naturist Pharmacy where we sell herbal medicines and herbal plants, bio herbal teas collected from Romania. Everything is from nature and from God. So I managed to learn a little of this fantastic field and I’m trying to accumulate more and more medical knowledge so I can help everyone around.

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The author's choice. Nourish your body the best food
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