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To my esteemed visitors

Dear friend

If you feel that your life experience in dealing with prostate issues will be helpful to someone else, welcome to the mission “Healthy prostate -healthy man”. It will be your invaluable contribution to lowering suffer in this world, raising awareness and education.

The aim of the site “YOUR HEALTHY PROSTATE” is to provide my visitors with the up to date evidence-based information about prostate issues: prostate cancer, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia: preventative measures, diagnostic tools, treatment methods, and support. Often a weak assumption made by an authoritative person or a scientific journal propagates on the internet and turns into a call to action for many millions of people. Usually, these gullible people end up with wasted time, money, and sometimes their health too.

Only evidence-based information and real-life practices give a man a chance of choice and help him in making the right decision.

Share your experience here and thousands of people will be grateful to you.

Thank you