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Sodium Nitrite/Nitrate: Preserving Meats at What Cost?

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Welcome to the Eleventh Part of Our Food Safety Series

In this part of our series on food safety standards, we focus on Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate, key compounds in meat curing processes. These substances, while enhancing flavor and safety, raise health concerns, particularly regarding their potential to form cancer-causing compounds. We explore the balance between their benefits in preventing bacterial growth, the health risks they might pose, and the regulatory perspectives of the U.S. and European Union.

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Lean and Mean: Your Ultimate Guide to Healthy Red Meat Eating


Picture this: It’s a summer evening, the grill is fired up, and the aroma of a juicy steak fills the air. Sounds perfect. After all, red meat – it’s delicious, it’s filling, and it’s deeply embedded in our culinary culture. However, as you pick up your fork, a little voice in the back of your mind nags, “Is this healthy?” You have heard the rumors – red meat is bad for you. It increases your risk of heart disease, cancer, and you name it. But is that the whole truth?

Today, we’re diving into the sizzling world of red meat, separating fact from fiction, myth from reality. Our journey will take us across lush pastures, through the realm of nutrients, and into the inviting warmth of your kitchen. Contrary to popular belief, we will explore how red meat can be part of a balanced and nutritious diet.

It’s time to let go of the fear, embrace the facts, and learn how to enjoy your favorite red meat dishes guilt-free. Ready to challenge what you know and explore a healthier approach to eating red meat? Let’s get started!

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