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How to increase testosterone naturally? Use your mind and good sleep!


A reassuringly low rate of adverse outcomes reported after testosterone therapy following radical prostate treatments led to the recent re-examination and clarification of our understanding of the biology of androgens and prostate cancer and as a result to increased recognition of the benefits of testosterone.

The content of testosterone in the blood of a healthy young man is approximately 630 ng/dl the normal rates ranging from 264 to 916 ng/dl. We know that testosterone levels drop at a rate of 1-2% per year with age. Therefore, it is not surprising that by the age of 50 we are already experiencing some negative symptoms listed below. These symptoms are especially severe in people who have concomitant diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure issues, cardiovascular disease, or prostate conditions. But unlike women, who have an entire arsenal of remedies for menopause, there are no accepted recommendations for men that would smooth out the negative consequences of a drop in testosterone levels. Therefore, you can often hear: “We are men – we do not talk about this”, or “I do not use any nasty things” or something like that. But ignorance is not the best helper here. The symptoms are usually getting worse. With no exaggerations, testosterone is a life-changing hormone, making a male masculine and giving his life a sense of power. Let’s explore what natural remedies men have at their disposal to keep their confidence and shine in the eyes for as long as possible.

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