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U.S Food Safety Policies| Healthy Prostate

Series Conclusion: Understanding U.S. Food Safety Policies

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The persistence of these substancoes in U.S. foods can be attributed to several factors, including industry influence, regulatory approaches, economic considerations, and the interpretation of scientific evidence.
Industry Influence and Economic Factors The food industry in the U.S. has significant influence over food policies and regulations. This influence is often exercised through lobbying to shape legislation favoring industry interests (Nestle, 2013). One of the industry’s key arguments is the economic benefit of using these additives. They argue that these substances help to produce food more efficiently and cheaply, which can help keep prices down for consumers.

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Phosphate Food Additives| Healthy Prostate

Phosphate Food Additives: A Hidden Heart Health Hazard?

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Welcome to the Fourteenth Part of Our Food Safety Series

In this chapter of our series, we delve into the hidden heart health hazards of phosphate food additives. Widely used in various processed foods, these additives serve key roles but raise concerns about cardiovascular health, especially in individuals with kidney issues. We’ll explore the balance between their functional benefits in food processing and the potential health risks they pose.

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