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Cruciferous Vegetables (Sulforaphane) and Prostate Cancer: A Comprehensive Analysis


Prostate cancer (PC) is a disease typically associated with old age, although anomalies in the prostate tissue can be observed in men as young as their twenties or thirties. PC is generally considered to be slow-growing cancer. The long, relatively silent period of prostate cancer suggests that various therapies could potentially slow disease progression or prevent disease onset, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for invasive surgical procedures such as prostatectomy.

In the previous posts, we discussed various food ingredients such asLycopene in tomatoes, Polyacetylenic oxylipins in carrots, Vitamin K2 in sauerkraut, and nattothat have proven anti-cancer activities. This article will address the potential cancer-fighting properties of another natural gift – broccoli.

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