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About me

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my site Definitely, if you are here, you are seeking help and allow me to assure you that it is not about selling something, but to take advantage to share with you a way to get rid of the prostate problems.

This is not a story of a businessman, who first spend money on formulating magic pills and then trying to get back his profit regardless of their efficiency, but a story of a man who experienced chronic prostatitis and overcame it. You shouldn’t trust me blindly, just read and make your decision.

My story and what can I offer you

My name is Makhsud, a Ph.D. in biology, have an athletic body shape, worked as a poultry research specialist and did my research in Europe (Ukraine and Poland) and USA (Delaware University). However, all these seemingly healthy living conditions did not allow me to escape the fate of 15 million Americans who suffer from prostatitis. While at the Delaware University 8 years ago I experienced the first symptoms and soon was diagnosed for prostatitis. And since that time my battle against the disease began.

Everyone has his own story, but not everyone gets out of this pit healthy. A neighbor of mine is a prostate cancer survivor, and he might be lucky since it is a number 2 killer of men after heart disease. The cunning of the prostatitis is that at the beginning, it reveals itself as a minor discomfort, from time to time, even not disturbing us, and the majority of us for different reasons neglect it, but with time when we are ready to visit a doctor, we usually find ourselves to have a chronic form of prostatitis.

Ironically, when we have a headache or stomach ache, though, often we know the real cause of the illness, we shout about it at home, as well as at work and to friends, but it is not the case with prostatitis. The more significant part of men tends to conceal their problem, though the base of the illness may not be so obvious. Not a secret that along with declining overall health status, depression, sleep disturbance, pain in the pelvic area, bladder damage, bladder stones and infections in the urinary tract, prostatitis significantly worsens family relationships. Therefore, I firmly believe that we should pay way more attention to this subject during the education of young people starting from school.

I tested on myself almost everything you can find online: different well-advertised medicines and remedies, bee products, herbs, special diets, yoga, shiatsu, massage, and even self-hypnosis. Each of them has its pros and cons, but none of them was a panacea from prostatitis. It is not about finding fault with the approaches mentioned above, just to state they did not work for me. But I did find the only way that works perfectly, fast, just about 2-3 weeks, affordable and no adverse side effects. And I want to share it with you here in the upcoming blogs. It is up to you, take it or throw it away, but I hope, if you take it, it will be yours for the rest of your life.

My goals

1. Primarily, to give people a working and straightforward method to get rid of chronic prostatitis. I firmly believe that everything that happens to us has its purpose and destiny, and I am so grateful to the Internet, providing this opportunity to share with millions of sufferers the way I could cope with the illness.

2. To discuss impartially all accessible scientific and non-scientific information about the drugs to cure prostatitis, to show not only their advantages but harmful side effects as well. Often, entrepreneurs wishful thinking, exaggerate the desired test results and hide or keep silent about the side effects.

3. To discuss the most effective ways to prevent inflammatory processes in the prostate and keeping its healthy status.

4. And finally, to provide the site platform for those wishing to share their own experience in coping the ailment, since, definitely, there must be many others who could win prostatitis.

What am I expecting from my reader?

1. Think carefully and critically why there are hundreds of excellently formulated medicines and remedies on the market, but the number of diseased men grows from year to year. Put into a test the way that worked for me and allowed me to forget about prostatitis.

2. Assess it without fear and favor and give feedback; your opinion is vital since the method has not yet been used widely.

3. Share it in your social networks and among your friends if you are genuinely convinced of the method effectiveness for you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


2 thoughts to “About me”

  1. I love to read your blog. A lot of knowledge to know about. My husband is a prostate survivor, that every six months he go back to his doctor for check-up. Before I don’t have any idea and a big impact for me to know lately that I re-married a man of my love with too many health issues. And what I said one of these is prostate. Anyway, life has really a lot of surprises. We never know ahead of time why. But if we really care about our health then it is possible to control some health issues do we have while getting older.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my site and commenting.
      I’m so sorry about your husband to have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Unfortunately, many, particularly young people think that prostate issues are something too for and do not care about these things. However, the more I do research the more I’m convincing that all the men’s problems are founded at a much younger age. And often, we, parents should take responsibility for the possible conditions of our kids when they get older. If we would have been more aware of this, we would be more cautious about how and what we feed children and form their lifestyle.

      Wish you all the best!


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